Telemedicine Brings Your Doctor to You

Our telemedicine program gives patients the opportunity to schedule virtual visits with the doctors they know and trust from the convenience and safety of home or work.

During a virtual visit, the doctor’s office comes directly to you. Whether you have travel restrictions outside your home, limited time between meetings at work or other scheduling challenges, telemedicine gives you complete and flexible access to your health care team.

With both telephone and video appointments available, you can rely on being able to communicate one-on-one with your doctor about your health care needs and concerns. By leveraging the flexibility of virtual doctor visits, we can help you save time while delivering exceptional care in the comfort and safety of your home or office.

How to Install USC TeleCARE on Your Computer or Smartphone

Prior to your first telemedicine visit, our concierge team will reach out and assist you with the installation of the USC TeleCARE platform on your computer or smartphone. For added convenience, we have also provided links to our user guide and video tutorials to help you navigate the installation process.

To view the USC TeleCARE Patient User Guide, click here.

The following tutorials will walk you through the USC TeleCARE installation process, step by step.

How to Install USC TeleCARE on Your iPhone (6S and Newer)

How to Install USC TeleCARE on Your iPhone (6S and Below)

How to Install USC TeleCARE on Your Android

How to Install USC TeleCARE on Your Desktop