Web Policy Guidelines and Governance

Keck Medicine of USC’s website is a representation of the identity and reputation of the University, the hospitals, the ambulatory locations, and the expertise of its physicians and staff. It also serves as a primary source of information about the services provided by Keck Medicine of USC to the Los Angeles community and patients, caregivers, and referring physicians from around the world. To that point, the guidelines outlined in this document insure the integrity of that information and present it in a fashion that allows users to find it quickly and intuitively, with the goal of making medical care information provided here accessible.

Keck Medicine of USC Digital Marketing services, part of the Health System Marketing and Communications Department, is responsible for the content of the Keck Medicine of USC website and the websites for specialty service lines within the enterprise which reside on the KeckMedicine.org domain. Additionally, new project development and any strategic decisions are further decided and approved with the assistance of the hospital’s leadership team. Digital Marketing is tasked with producing, updating and maintaining accurate information about the services offered by the health system, and overseeing digital products to support marketing efforts to increase awareness and enable appointment requests online.

Request for Updates and Changes

If updates are required, please submit all requests here. Our team will respond within 48 hours (on business days) with either notification of the completed task or a timeline for completion.

All updates will be reviewed and verified by the Marketing and Communication team to ensure consistency with the health system’s mission, brand and voice.

Use of Outside Web Developers is Prohibited

Departments, service lines and individual physicians cannot solicit, employ or engage any group, company, student, faculty member, staff member or resource to provide web development for a website that will utilize the Keck Medicine of USC name or logo, or any mention of USC, either in the URL for the website or in the website’s content. Similarly, initiating digital marketing efforts like banner ad or SEM campaigns without the approval or involvement of Digital Marketing is prohibited, as they may compromise sanctioned efforts.

However, a unit may choose to solicit writing support to create content and update content for their individual properties. This content must be in line with the brand and voice of the organization and will require review from Digital Marketing.

Projects launched without proper consultation or approval from Digital Marketing will be flagged to alert University Communications for appropriate measures and ultimate removal.

New Web Development Projects for the Keck Medicine of USC

If the need arises to create a new web page or microsite on the KeckMedicine.org domain, a formal request needs to be submitted here. Approvals for new clinical patient webpages and microsites are issued on a selective basis to improve focused communications between prospective/existing patients and Keck Medicine of USC. The criteria for creating new microsites are determined by hospital leadership based on business goals. If a request for a new website is approved by the Marketing and Communications team, Digital Marketing will work with the unit to determine the most appropriate information architecture and web presence.

If the scope of the website project exceeds typical production efforts, Digital Marketing may respond with an estimate, which would be borne by the clinical service department. The clinical service department would approve of the estimate and billing arrangement before any research or work would commence.

Upon beginning a new project, the Keck Medicine of USC, Digital Marketing Team will set up content meetings, project manage and engineer the new web property. The clinical service will be involved in developing the content from a variety of existing standardized templates and website features managed by the Digital Marketing team, and it will provide final approval to launch the new web presence. All digital assets, from copy to video files, must meet the branding standards regulated by the Marketing and Communications team. This standardization ensures consistency with brand standards and overall visitor experience.

Access to the Keck Medicine of USC Websites to Make Changes

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the University brand, content, design and digital representation of the health system entities we do not permit individual or departmental access to make changes to the health system-owned website (KeckMedicine.org) as well as the specialty service line microsites.

Advertising and Posting of Non-Organizational Web Resources

Any advertising of services or merchandise that is not directly related to the Keck Medicine of USC is prohibited. This includes postings in news, social media, site content, commercial vendor images, resource information and event postings. Any links recommended will be reviewed to avoid the perception that Keck Medicine of USC is endorsing or promoting any service, physician or group.

Posting of Email Contact Information or Department Phone Numbers

One of the primary goals of Digital Marketing is to ensure an ease and consistency of experience for new and returning patients in scheduling appointments. To achieve this, it is required that all visitors to health-system owned websites and digital marketing materials are provided with the 800-USC-CARE call center phone number. Directing all appointment requests to the call center allows the health system to measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, and ensures that patients are directed to the appropriate department to meet their needs.

Posting of Detailed Academic or Research Information

Maintaining consistency and creating easy paths for our visitors to find required information is one of our top priorities. Information intended to inform prospective fellows, residents, students or faculty members must be posted to the Keck School of Medicine website. There are certain circumstances where this information can be linked to and from clinical microsites. Patients benefit most from receiving information related to their conditions and recommended treatment directly from our physicians. Content specific to diagnoses, outcomes and prognoses intended for audiences with advanced medical knowledge will not be posted on the websites for patients.

Recruitment for clinical trials is an important part of an academic medical center. As research is a function of the Keck School of Medicine, detailed information about research and clinical trials should be provided in full on the school’s website. We realize that easy access to these trials is necessary for patients and Digital Marketing supports this marketing through the patient-facing aggregator on clinicaltrials.keckmedicine.org.

Photo and Video Guidelines

Photo and video content should complement web content. As with all content, proper attribution, usage rights and permission is required for all video and photos submitted. This will include any HIPAA authorization and media consent forms for patients appearing in videos or photography. Be prepared to submit these documents and/or ask our team for guidance.

Please do not submit team or group photos for posting on unit sites. These photos become out-of-date quickly and require constant maintenance.

Web page video and photography should always be presented in the most professional way with the direction of the Keck Medicine of USC Marketing and Communications team.

Web Governance for Office Staff and Resident Biographies

Group photos of entire teams are also discouraged because they quickly become outdated. The inclusion of bios and photos on the website is restricted to health care professionals with whom patients can make appointments through the Call Center system.

Use of PDFs and Other Downloadable Media

PDFs are encouraged as a means of reference material for visitors to download. Downloadable media intended to assist patients in preparing for appointments, preparing for surgery, or recovering from surgery should be made available in the myUSCchart patient portal.

Proper logo usage on PDF’s is also required. Guidelines for proper usage can be referenced at identity.usc.edu or through Brand Central on Kecknet. The Keck Medicine of USC Marketing and Communications team can also review logo and wordmark treatments upon request. Please email identity@med.usc.edu.

Use of Logos or Graphic Representations of Names

The creation and use of custom logos or wordmarks of names departments, centers, and programs at Keck Medicine of USC is strictly prohibited by the USC Provost. Only text-based names can be used in the typeface, with font and size dictated by the wordmark template. Logos of partners that are associated with programs, centers or institutes must be vetted for use and may not appear in the upper third of the webpage. The logo of these partners must always be smaller in size than the Keck Medicine of USC logo in the header of the page.

Short Code “532563”

By opting in to be contacted on your cell phone by us, you are agreeing to receive text messages and calls that include information about your plan, special offers and promotions, and payment information if applicable sent through automated dialing equipment. Data and text message rates may apply.

  • OPT-IN: When you opt-in to the service, (example: ENROLL) we will send you a message to confirm your signup. Message frequency will vary. Message and data rates may apply.
  • HELP: If at any time you forget what keywords are supported, just text “HELP” to 532563 (KECKMD). After you send the message “HELP” to us, we will respond with instructions on how to use our service as well as how to unsubscribe.
  • STOP: You can cancel this service at any time. Just text “STOP” to 532563 (KECKMD). After you send the message “STOP” to us, we will send you a reply message to confirm that you have been unsubscribed. After this, you will no longer receive messages from us.
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If you want to join again, just sign up as you did the first time and we will start sending messages to you again.

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For all questions about the services provided by this short code, you can send an email to us by visiting https://www.keckmedicine.org/contact-us/ or by calling (800) 872-2273.

If you have any questions regarding privacy, please read our privacy policy.

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