USC Program for the Diagnosis of Rare Blood-Related Disorders

Renowned for their legacy of diagnosing rare blood diseases, the USC Program for the Diagnosis of Rare Blood-Related Disorders (Rare-BRDs) in Los Angeles seeks to provide answers for patients with unexplained or unusual diseases.

The Rare-BRD team comes together periodically to evaluate patients with unusual bleeding or clotting disorders, unexplained anemias or other low blood cell counts, undiagnosed diseases associated with high blood cell counts, and unusual bone marrow failure syndromes.

Frequently, our patients have exhausted all other resources before coming to Keck Medicine of USC. The team works diligently to identify patients who may benefit from this comprehensive and exhaustive approach to understanding their disease. This requires reviewing all studies and evaluations the patient may have already had prior to their in-person appointment and pre-identifying which of our diverse specialists might need to be engaged. The goal of the initial patient visit is to clarify symptoms, history and physical exam findings and to determine what further diagnostic testing should be pursued. In many cases, testing is not available commercially and the Rare-BRD team makes every effort to collaborate with scientists worldwide to arrive at the correct diagnosis with testing that can range from sampling blood and bone marrow to testing family members, evaluating other organ systems or with additional biopsies.

The Rare-BRD Program at Keck Medicine of USC is another way that we strive to connect cutting-edge science with compassionate care.

Myeloid Malignancy Research

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The Rare-BRD Program

The Rare-BRD Program has limited capacity and is funded through the generosity of donors and grateful patients. If you are interested in helping us expand our services, please consider giving a gift today.

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