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Become a Patient

Become a Patient

Become a Patient

How to Become a Patient at Keck Medicine of USC

Step One: Patient Demographic and Contact Information
To initiate your inquiry, please complete the International Patient Intake Form.*

Step Two: Patient Clinical Information
Upon receipt and conformation of patient demographic and contact information you have provided, you will receive a secure link requesting:

  • Your most recent relevant medical record in English
  • Your physician report in English
  • Your diagnostic imaging files such as X-rays
  • Medications list (including medication strengths, amounts taken and over-the-counter medication)

Step Three: Treatment Plan Development
Your clinical information will be reviewed by a physician-led medical team to guide the development of an extensive individual care plan.

Step Four: Medical Cost Estimate
Based on the medical review and the proposed clinical treatment care plan, Keck Medicine of USC will provide you with an estimated cost for the anticipated services. Together with the treatment care plan, this constitutes your Financial Letter of Agreement.

Step Five: Payment Coordination and Financial Letter of Agreement
Should you elect to receive medical services from Keck Medicine of USC, please return a signed copy of the Financial Letter of Agreement and the confirmation number for a successful wire transfer to our International Patient Relations representative.

Step Six: Scheduling Your Appointment
After we have received a successful wire transfer confirmation, our International Patient Relations representative will assist in coordinating your clinical appointment date to initiate your clinical care. Additional information your family regarding local transportation and lodging accommodations will be provided upon request.

* The International Patient Intake Form and the accompanying medical records intake is supported by a secure encrypted connection that will enable us to assemble and direct your inquiry to the appropriate clinical department. If you have any questions about the process on becoming an international patient, please feel free to email us. Please note that we are unable to initiate patient-specific clinical treatment inquiries by email.

Financial Obligation

For cash patients, we ask that financial arrangements be made prior to patient admission either via international money transfer or at the time of admission. Should you wish to pay at the time of admission, the hospital accepts numerous credit cards and American Express. We also accept cashier’s checks payable to Keck Hospital of USC or USC Norris Cancer Hospital, or USC Care Medical Group, Inc.

We understand that medical bills and health insurance plans can be confusing. Keck Medicine of USC accepts private insurance. Please call (323) 865-7999 if you are concerned or have a question about whether we accept your international insurance.