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Meet Nada Elbuluk, MD

Originally published February 18, 2021

Last updated April 29, 2024

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Dr. Elbuluk is a dermatologist at Keck Medicine of USC, who specializes in skin of color and pigmentary disorders.

Here’s what you won’t find on her resume.

Medicine has been her path since middle school.

“I knew I wanted to become a physician, when I was in middle school, and I had the opportunity to shadow my pediatrician for a career day project. I loved the idea of helping others through a scientific understanding of the human body. A few decades later, I still feel the same way!”

She cherishes time with her family.

“During my time off, I enjoy spending time with my family, trying out new foods and restaurants and playing tennis.”

Journalism holds a special place in her heart.

“I love broadcast journalism and feel that media is a powerful way to disseminate information. I’m particularly passionate about accurate and credible news being shared with the public, which is what has prompted my own involvement in medical journalism and my collaboration with various media outlets to share up-to-date educational medical content. One fun fact about me is that after becoming a physician, I interned at ABC News and had a chance to work on medical stories for several of their shows, including Good Morning America and World News Tonight.”

She believes in the power of self-reliance and a strong team of mentors.

“‘Believe in yourself, and never give up’ is the best advice I’ve received. Only 2% of physicians are African American women, so growing up I didn’t see many people that looked like me who were doctors. And although the road to becoming a physician is achievable, it can also be long and challenging. I was fortunate to have a team of supporters and mentors who reminded me to believe in myself and my vision and that all things are possible with hard work and dedication.”

Sharing each patient’s journey is deeply rewarding.

“Building relationships with my patients and seeing their health conditions improve over time is one of the best aspects of my work. It’s very rewarding and touching to be part of someone’s medical journey, play a role in their recovery and see the positive effect this can have in their life.”

Skin of color and health equity are key components of her research efforts.

“In 2018, I founded the USC Skin of Color and Pigmentary Disorders Program. In addition to providing specialized dermatologic care to people of color, we are leading research studies on skin of color, pigmentation and health equity.”

She draws inspiration from many sources.

“I’m fortunate to have multiple sources of inspiration, including my family who helps me to be the best physician I can with their unconditional love and support. My patients inspire me through their personal stories and the reward that comes with seeing their conditions improve. I’m also inspired by my mentors and their dedication to patient care and advancing the field of medicine through research, patient advocacy and teaching.”

Keck Medicine’s commitment to diversity is why she calls it home.

“The USC Skin of Color and Pigmentary Disorders Program, which I am fortunate to lead, is one of only a dozen similar programs across the country. It’s a unique program with both clinical care and research efforts dedicated to patients of color and those with pigmentary disorders. I’m thrilled to be able to offer specialized patient care that caters to the diverse population of Los Angeles and beyond.”

She’s dedicated to mentoring the next generation of doctors.

“Mentoring medical students and residents is very important to me, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. This passion inspired me to establish the USC Skin of Color and Pigmentary Research Fellowship for medical students. If any of my students are considering dermatology, I share with them what an amazing, multifaceted specialty it is and the diverse opportunities and career tracks that can come with being a dermatologist.”

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