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Meet Andrew Yun, MD

Originally published June 30, 2024

Last updated July 1, 2024

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Dr. Yun is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee replacement at Keck Medicine of USC.

Here’s what you won’t find on his resume.

Outside of work, he’s all about family.

“I love being a dad. The past 20 years have been filled with homework help, carpools, piano lessons and judo practices—an unexpectedly remarkable adventure. Now, with the kids off to college, I look forward to slow evening walks with my wife.”

He describes himself as quiet.

“My surgical training taught me to be very direct and objective. However, people may be surprised to hear that I am naturally reserved and nerdy.”

He’s read his favorite adventure novel many times.

“‘Watership Down’ by Richard Adams is my favorite book. On the surface, it is a children’s book about rabbits. In my youth, it was a thrilling adventure story. I have gone back to reread it over and over again, and it is now a meditation on leadership, empathy and courage.”

Staying home is a favored pastime.

“My favorite travel destination is my backyard. I enjoy late afternoons watering my plants.” 

Helping people is rewarding.

“My team and I understand that surgery can be a painful and daunting experience for patients. A rewarding part of my work is seeing our team guide people through the process with professionalism and understanding.”

His team focuses on making patients feel at ease.

“We work as a team. We address our patients’ fears, anxiety and dread. My own bedside manner may come off as a bit blunt, but the other members of my team more than make up for that with their patience, reassurance and empathy.”

Surgery is a precise science.

“The advancement that has been the most impactful in my field is the ability to leverage quantitative analysis, trigonometry and computer science. With these tools, surgery is as much science as artistry.”

Keck Medicine stands out for its culture.

“Keck Medicine exemplifies a culture of excellence. I appreciate the broad application of academic rigor into surgery. It’s also a privilege to work alongside world-class physicians from every specialty.”

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