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Meet the Staff: Hannah Licari, Physician Assistant

Originally published April 1, 2021

Last updated December 8, 2022

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Whether she’s evaluating patients, developing treatment plans or following up with postoperative patients, physician assistant Hannah Licari is there every step of the way.

Patients at Keck Medicine’s USC Spine Center will find a compassionate advocate to help guide them through their patient journey. Hannah Licari, PA, explained why she loves her job.

What does a physician assistant do?

Generally, a physician assistant is a medical professional who works in conjunction with a physician to diagnose medical issues and then develop treatment plans.

At the USC Spine Center, the PAs work with surgeons. Our focus is to counsel patients on conservative treatments and then help them navigate their preoperative and postoperative care.

One of the things I’m proudest of as a physician assistant is that we have the ability to really work with patients, create a relationship, and advocate for them to make sure they are getting the care they need.

What moments make your work especially rewarding?

One of the things that we enjoy is seeing how patients do after surgery and watching them get back to activities they enjoy.

We have many patients who enjoy gardening or playing with their grandchildren, and it’s rewarding to see them get back to those things.

It’s exciting that we’re part of the care from beginning to end, allowing us to develop special relationships with our patients.

What drew you to an academic medical center like Keck Medicine?

I really enjoy the academic and research side of medicine. Working at an academic health system like Keck Medicine of USC, you have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as a provider.

We see a large variety of spinal conditions and we can truly help people have an improved quality of life. That’s incredibly rewarding and something that’s very, very special.

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USC Health Magazine 2024 Issue #1

Read the current issue

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