Rotator Cuff Treatment

We offer the latest rotator cuff tear treatment to let you move without shoulder pain.

Rotator Cuff Treatment

We offer the latest rotator cuff tear treatment to let you move without shoulder pain.

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Leading Care for Rotator Cuff Injuries and Shoulder Pain

Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in your shoulder that helps you move your arms and keep your shoulder joint in place. When you damage or tear your rotator cuff — either as tendons wear down from overuse or an injury — it can cause shoulder pain and arm weakness. 

Our team of orthopedic surgeons is experienced in treating rotator cuff pain. Our experts have performed thousands of arthroscopic procedures and are highly skilled. You can be confident you are working with a trusted team. 

Rotator Cuff Tears Treatments We Offer 

Sometimes, home treatment for rotator cuff injuries is all that is needed, such as rest, ice and over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin.  

Other noninvasive rotator cuff injury treatments include: 

  • Corticosteroid injections to relieve pain and swelling 
  • Physical therapy to strengthen shoulder muscles and improve movement 
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to enhance circulation and reduce pain 
  • Ultrasound therapy to improve circulation to damaged tissues and boost healing 

When conservative rotator cuff injury approaches do not improve symptoms, rotator cuff surgery may offer relief, including: 

  • Tendon repair – Surgeons reattach the torn tendon to the bone. Typically, we use arthroscopic surgery that offers a faster recovery, but sometimes, this requires an open procedure. 
  • Tendon transfer – When a tendon is too damaged to repair, surgeons can use a nearby tendon as a replacement. 
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement – Surgeons replace the shoulder joint with metal and plastic parts, using an innovative procedure that restores full shoulder and arm movement. 

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatments

Why Choose Us for Treatment for Rotator Cuff Pain

From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation, our team of orthopedic and sports medicine care experts specializes in treating a full spectrum of overuse and sports-related injuries.

We offer the latest treatments for torn rotator cuffs in adults and young athletes.

You get a personalized treatment plan backed by the expertise of orthopedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, and pain management specialists.

We are the official medical providers for USC athletes and the LA Kings hockey team.