Nonunion Fracture Care

We offer advanced treatment for nonunion fractures, including the latest approaches in nonunion fracture surgery.

Nonunion Fracture Care

We offer advanced treatment for nonunion fractures, including the latest approaches in nonunion fracture surgery.

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Trusted Treatment for Nonunion Bone Fractures

Most broken bones heal well after treatment. New bone tissue grows and connects the broken bone pieces. But some fractures don’t heal, even with proper treatment. This is called a nonunion fracture.

Our orthopedic specialists provide advanced treatment for nonunion bone fractures and complex fractures. We use many approaches to repair bones and speed healing — from casts and braces to transplantation to rebuild bones. You can depend on our highly skilled team that specializes in bone healing.

How Broken Bones Heal

Bones need to be held in place to heal. Typically, our doctors do this with a cast, but sometimes, it requires surgery to use screws or other devices to stabilize your bone. The bone also needs a healthy blood supply and vitamins and minerals — including vitamins C and D, protein and calcium — to heal properly.

Lack of bone stability, blood supply or adequate nutrition can affect healing and cause a nonunion fracture. Additionally, nicotine use, certain medicines, infections and health problems like diabetes and severe anemia can affect recovery and increase the risk of a nonunion fracture.

Nonunion Fracture Symptoms

The symptoms of a nonunion bone fracture include continuing pain, swelling and stiffness at the broken bone site after the initial pain has faded. Symptoms can last months or years after you fracture the bone.

Will a Nonunion Fracture Ever Heal?

Our doctors can effectively treat nonunion fractures and other complex fractures.

Some nonunion bone fractures respond to treatment without surgery, using a bone stimulator. This small, wearable device emits electromagnetic pulses to the skin over the nonunion fracture, stimulating blood flow and boosting healing.

In some instances, nonunion fracture surgery, such as bone grafting, can heal the bone. This procedure takes bone from another part of your body or a donor and places it at the fracture site to grow into the bone and seal the fracture. Surgeons may also realign or reposition the bone or repair the ends of the fractured bone to ensure the bone grows back together properly.

Our orthopedic specialists select the right treatment to help your nonunion bone fracture heal as quickly as possible.

How Can Complex Fractures Be Treated?

Why Choose Us for Nonunion Bone Fracture Care

We’re known for our orthopedic care and experience treating even the most complex fractures.

You benefit from the expertise of specialists in orthopedic surgery, physical and occupational therapy and pain management to help you feel your best.

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