Our team of experts at the USC Breast Center understands that breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship can impact mental health.

To help our patients navigate these challenges, our multidisciplinary team includes a psycho-oncologist — a psychiatrist who specializes in caring for people with cancer. Our psycho-oncologist can help patients with everything from stress, anxiety and depression to medication management. The goal is to empower patients, by giving them the tools they need to optimize their well-being.

Our psycho-oncologist is available on the first day you meet your breast care team and continues to offer support, as you transition from active treatment into survivorship.

Our offerings

  • Consultations
  • Depression management
  • Integrated treatment approach
  • Medication management
  • Referral services
  • Stress and anxiety management

What is psycho-oncology?

Psycho-oncology is a specialty within psychiatry that – in addition to treating the psychiatric issues associated with serious medical illnesses – also provides specialized care for patients with cancer. As a member of the multidisciplinary breast care team, our psycho-oncologist has experience treating patients with breast cancer.

Support through diagnosis, treatment and beyond

The support and expertise offered by our psycho-oncologist is available to every patient, starting on the very first day they visit the multidisciplinary clinic. While not every breast cancer patient may be ready to discuss anxiety, coping with stress or other mental health issues at their first appointment, our psycho-oncologist is available to lend expert guidance at any point you need support during your breast cancer journey.

As part of our comprehensive approach to care, you can request a consultation at any time, and if you need to arrange treatment with a different provider, referrals are also available.

From discussing the types of symptoms you may experience to understanding the impact of anxiety, stress and depression, our psycho-oncologist is ready to help you navigate the nuances of your breast cancer journey and empower your transition from active treatment into survivorship and beyond.

Medication management

The patient-centered care offered by our psycho-oncologist includes medication management for patients who are taking medications like antidepressants or tamoxifen. Our multidisciplinary team works in tandem to monitor each patient’s unique treatment plan and identify any medication interactions that could be counterproductive to care and outcomes.

Our team will expertly manage your breast cancer treatment and continually evaluate and modify your medications to maximize your overall well-being.

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