International Health Telemedicine Services

Get remote second opinions and stream surgeries from some of our top doctors.

International Health Telemedicine Services

Get remote second opinions and stream surgeries from some of our top doctors.

Telemedicine Options for International Health 

Telemedicine brings phenomenal experts at Keck Medicine of USC to you, regardless of the distance, via advanced information technology. We are constantly adding more services to meet the growing demand from all over the world. 

Our current telemedicine services: 

  • Remote second opinion 
  • Telepathology 
  • Tele-education 
  • Streaming surgeries 
  • Interactive workshop 
  • Regional education center 

Why Do I Need a Remote Second Opinion? 

When you are considering coming to the United States for your treatment, it’s better to learn the opinion from a medical professional in the U.S. Will this make a difference? How will you be treated differently? Physicians at Keck Medicine will evaluate your medical records to give specific suggestions based on the latest treatment plans and technologies in the U.S. You will be able to make an informed decision on your plan for a lower cost than if you were physically present here. 

Remote second opinion at Keck Medicine brings you some of the best medical experts in California to your home. Click here to begin requesting your remote second opinion. 


Telepathology allows our expert pathologists to remotely read medical images and slides via a digital scanner to help treat complicated medical cases. We collaborate with doctors from around the world, including teams at Nanshan Hospital and Shantou University Medical College in China, to provide our expertise for diagnosis and second opinions on complex diseases. Foreign hospitals interested in partnering with us for telepathology can email for more information.  


Telemedicine offers a variety of training and education programs via digital technology. 

Our doctors are continuously inventing cutting-edge techniques for surgeries in areas such as urology and spinal care. Our partners from all over the world stream some of our surgeries to continually educate their medical staff. 

Foreign surgeons who are interested in streaming surgeries can email for more information. 

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