Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model of the Nurses of USC is foundational to nursing practice at Keck Medical Center of USC. It provides the framework for providing and evaluating our patient and family-centered care and drives the Care Delivery Model/System for all interprofessionals across the various disciplines. It reflects the value placed on collaborative decision-making, delivering evidence-based health care, and professional development. The Professional Practice Model speaks of our desire to transform the art and science of nursing through personal excellence, teamwork commitment, and a passion to be Known for our uncompromising service standards.

The Nurses of USC are leaders in patient care who role model best clinical practice and influence others to achieve desired goals. Nurses of USC are engaged in shared governance activities and other collaborati​ve projects that enhance their professional development and support the goals of their unit/department and overall organization.

The Nurses of USC provide holistic, culturally-sensitive, and respectful care to both patient and family across all clinical settings. Care provided by the Nurses of USC is individualized and focused on exceeding expectations and improving outcomes through strong advocacy, effective decision-making, and collaborative, interprofessional partnerships.

The Nurses of USC deliver compassionate care which is patient and family-centered, empathetic, and caring. It is expressed through active listening and giving voice to patient’s and family’s needs and desires, providing timely knowledge and support, being invested in others and committing to the development of positive nurse-patient-family relationships.

The Nurses of USC achieve common goals through respectful, cooperative partnerships and teamwork, sharing knowledge and abilities with others to improve or support patients’ health status through collaborative problem solving and identification of best strategies for desired outcomes.

The Nurses of USC assume accountability and responsibility for their own decisions, actions, and outcomes of care. As trustworthy and honest clinicians, the Nurses of USC are committed to the provision of care that exceeds national benchmarks every day, with every patient, in every setting – a commitment that achieves personal and professional satisfaction.

The Nurses of USC ensure their decision-making is evidence-based through the use of best available research and validated findings when making clinical decisions, monitoring their individual practice for appropriate responses to interventions, and being open to sharing best practices with others.

The Nurses of USC use clinical judgment rooted in critical thinking and sound reasoning, empirical knowledge and experience to draw valid conclusions and develop effective action plans. The Nurses of USC‘s clinical judgment depends on continual growth and development of their assessment skills, knowledge base, and ability to manage complex patient situations.

The excellent care delivered by The Nurses of USC produces exemplary outcomes. Such quality reflects efficiency, responsiveness to care needs, and an ownership of our practice based on putting the patient and family first.

The Nurses of USC have the authority to make clinical decisions and independently act on them based on their professional knowledge base and skill acquisition, the ANA scope and standards of practice, the California Nurse Practice Act, Code of Ethics, regulatory agencies, professional organizations, AACN Healthy Work Environment, and our organization’s core values and commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery.​

The Nurses of USC support the advancement of nursing science through the development and integration of new clinical knowledge applied to patient care in all settings across the health-illness continuum.