Becoming a Patient

Patients being seen in our office have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. If you have not been diagnosed, it is best to consult with a urologist first and have a biopsy of the prostate performed. If prostate cancer is confirmed, it is then appropriate to consult with a medical oncologist, such as Dr. David Agus or Dr. Mitchell Gross.

Please note: In order to have the most meaningful consultation with our physicians, it is essential to have your pertinent medical records compiled (detailed below). Obtaining this information prior to contacting our office will speed the process of scheduling your initial visit.

Step 1: Phone our office – We will go through a telephone intake that includes questions involving, demographic information, the state of your present illness and history of any related treatments for your diagnosis.

Step 2: Request your pertinent medical records be forwarded to our office. Records necessary for consultation include:

a) Laboratory results over the past 6-12 months minimum (including PSA values)

b) Physician reports (including history &physical, progress notes)

c) Radiology reports (e.g. CT scans, x-rays, bone scans)

d) Biopsy /Pathology report (s) (including slides is possible)

e) Treatment notes and flow sheets relating to prior treatment before coming to our office (such as radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, or prostatectomy).

All of these records can be faxed to our office either by the patient or directly from your physicians’ offices. We ask the patient to contact their doctors and request their records be faxed to our office. Our fax number is (310) 272-7656.

Step 3: After the telephone intake is complete and we have received all the required medical records, this information is given to the physician you wish to see, for review (1-2 days).

Step 4: We will call you to set up your initial consultation.
Note: This entire process typically takes 2-3 days to complete.