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Chronic nasal disease innovators

We are leaders in treating the broad spectrum of chronic nasal disease. Using a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, we offer tailored procedures to treat an array of nasal obstruction symptoms, including the endoscopic removal of tumors.

To refer a patient, please call (323) 442-5790.

Keck Medicine of USC

At Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles, we are equipped to treat chronic nasal obstruction from its simplest form to the most complex. When the nasal passageways are blocked, a patient’s quality of life can be negatively impacted by symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chronic headaches, postnasal drip, chronic cough or loss of smell. Chronic nasal obstruction may also be dangerous as it can be a sign of a benign or malignant tumor. With expertise in addressing issues ranging from a deviated septum to complex chronic rhinosinusitis and in the endoscopic removal of skull base tumors, our surgeons are leaders in this field and ready to help mitigate symptoms of chronic nasal disease.

To refer a patient, please call (323) 442-5790.

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Why refer patients to Keck Medicine of USC?

Expertise in the toughest cases

Highly skilled in surgical techniques used to open the passages connecting the nose to the sinuses, we have been successful in reducing the number of typically required surgeries for patients with chronic sinusitis. Our team also is among the most experienced in Southern California to use the Lothrop procedure, an advanced surgery reserved for the most complex cases of chronic sinusitis.

A vanguard in the field

Keck Medicine of USC is among the first academic medical centers in California to use intranasal steroid stents, post-surgical implants that provide localized, controlled drug delivery to the sinus tissue reducing recovery time and eliminating the need to take oral steroids.

Collaborators in care

Our dynamic team of rhinologists and neurosurgeons work together to perform minimally invasive endoscopic removal of sinus tumors, such as meningiomas, squamous, carcinomas, melanomas, inverted papilloma, pituitary tumors and juvenile angiofibroma, allowing for removal without any incisions to the patient’s face. We routinely collaborate with our immunologist, pulmonologists and infectious disease specialists to deliver the best in multidisciplinary care for complex sinus cases.