Must-Know Facts About Male Infertility

Must-Know Facts About Male Infertility

Few events in a couple’s life are more joyful than beginning a family together. But while two people might be prepared for parenthood, sometimes infertility can derail their plans.

The National Institutes of Health defines infertility as an inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of trying. Of course, it takes two to make a child, and fertility problems are possible on either side. In about half of all infertility cases, a male factor is involved.

A range of potential causes can come into play, from lack of sperm to hormonal imbalances or blockages of sperm movement.

The good news is, in 90 percent of cases, male infertility can be successfully treated.

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If you are concerned about your or your partner’s ability to start a family, the information in the infographic below can help. It details some causes of male infertility, as well as steps you can take to help prevent it.

If you suspect that male infertility is keeping you from starting a family, the first step is to get tested.

A male infertility specialist at the USC Institute of Urology can help zero in on possible problems, increasing your and your partner’s odds of conception.

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Male Infertility Infographic


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