Are the Men in Your Life Doing These 5 Things to Take Care of Their Health?

Your dad, your brother, your son, your husband or your boyfriend may be some of the most important people in your life. Here are some tips to help them take care of their well-being.

The health of the men in your life is important to you, but on average, men die five years earlier than women. More often than not, it is due to various diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. But even with busy schedules, there are steps that can be taken to keep a healthy lifestyle. These are 5 things that the men in your life can do to take care of their health.

1. Stay active for 30 minutes at least three times a week

By staying active for at least 30 minutes three times a week, men are able to keep their blood circulating properly. Exercise also impacts energy levels, muscle mass, joint health and weight.

2. Eat healthy

Starting a healthy lifestyle today can build the foundation of your health tomorrow. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease may be avoidable health issues with a proper diet. Make sure that the men in your life are following their recommended meal plans.

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3. Get annual prostate exams

Make sure to remind the men in your life to go to their doctor to get their prostate checked. Prostate cancer is a significant health concern for men, particularly as they get older. In the most extreme cases, it can lead to death. Even with noninvasive new treatments such as HIFU, nothing beats early detection.

4. Avoid illegal substances and drink alcohol only in moderation

Illegal substances not only alter a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior; but substance abuse can also completely alter the natural chemistry in anyone’s body. This can lead to complications in a man’s health as they age.

Drinking alcohol in large quantities has the same effect, but it can also cause damage to the liver and kidneys. The best way to prevent these complications is to avoid illegal substances altogether and to moderate alcohol consumption.

5. See a doctor

Unexpected health issues can happen at any time during a person’s life. But getting regular, annual check-ups with their primary care physician may help the men in your life keep track of any changes in their general mental and physical well-being. During an annual check-up the physician will be able to do a full assessment and make any adjustments to medications, treatment and/or general medical care.

Schedule an appointment with a primary care physician to maintain a steady path to overall wellness.

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by Leonard Kim

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