Mornings. Everyone knows the buzzing alarm clock that signals us out of our deep slumbers before we’d like to be awake forcing us to lift our heads to attend to life’s responsibilities.

Are you one who has grave difficulty in rising each morning? Are you a night owl? Does coffee jumpstart your in the morning, but leave you jittery?

Here are 7 tips that might make your mornings a little easier:

1. Stretch

If you are tired of waking up sluggish, achy or constantly tight, chances are you’re like many people who skip stretching in the morning. If you’d like to wake up with more energy, take the time to run through some easy stretches that will warm up your muscles. This will help your body get ready for the day.

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2. Meditate

You can reduce stress levels in your life through relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing. Early in the morning, your mind is in a fairly quiet state. Five to ten minutes of deep-centered relaxation can make a huge difference to the productivity of your day.

3. Walk

Whether you just walk around the block or extend your routine for a few miles, taking a walk can help wake you up, clear your thoughts and maybe even improve your mood. To help motivate you when you wake up, lay out your workout clothes the night before to ensure they’re within eye’s range. This will make it much easier for you to get moving.

4. Matcha green tea

This jade green tea is made from a powder. Not only does it smell amazing, it’s great for your body too. It does contain some caffeine, but it also has the natural relaxant, L-theanine. These two substances will provide you with a steady flow of energy throughout the morning. Plus, you will be without the jitters and crash you might experience by drinking coffee.

5. Sleep app

Are your poor sleeping habits messing up with your ability to wake up refreshed? There are several sleep apps available on mobile platforms that lead you through meditative exercises or provide soothing sounds to distract you from the stress or tense thoughts you might have while you are trying to go to sleep. Check out the applications on your mobile app store and search for sleep apps. You will be served up an ample selection. We recommend you try various free apps first to see if you like them before subscribing to the paid applications, which typically offer more functionality.

6. Go to bed earlier

This might be the easiest suggestion on the list. If you go to bed earlier and get enough uninterrupted sleep, you should have the ability to get out of bed easier. Trade in that last hour or two of work, TV or video games for an investment in your health by getting more rest.

7. Get some sun

There’s almost nothing better than feeling sunlight on your face and body. The added bonus is that it can actually help you wake up and help you stay awake. Another way to optimize adding more sunlight into your mornings is to trade in dark shades or window coverings in your bedroom. This will allow more light to shine through, which will wake you up naturally in the morning.

Have you tried all these tips and you are still having problems getting up out of bed each morning? Something may be wrong. Schedule an appointment with a primary care physician who will be able to work on a game plan to recovery.

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by Lisa Loeffler