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How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

If you have a friend, family member or loved one who smokes, one of the best ways you can help protect their health is by encouraging them to quit.

Quitting smoking improves quality of life in countless ways, from increased heart function to reduced risk of lung cancer. In fact, individuals who quit smoking before age 40 can reduce their risk of dying from smoking-related causes by 90 percent. Those who quit by age 54 lower their risk by two-thirds. By quitting smoking and scheduling a lung cancer screening, your loved ones can take control of their health.

Quitting is a major challenge, and your loved ones will rely on your support to achieve it. Everything you can do to help them navigate this journey will increase the odds that they kick the habit once and for all.

To help your loved one live a smoke-free life, the do’s and don’ts in this infographic will show you the best ways to support them.

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Need more help creating a quit plan? offers an interactive tool that incorporates your loved one’s personal triggers and reasons for quitting to help keep them accountable.

Your Keck Medicine of USC physician is also an excellent resource for in-person support and preventative care. Call (800) USC-CARE or request an appointment online to schedule a lung cancer screening, benchmark your loved one’s health, and access additional support and tools.

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