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  • cooper way baseball player ulnar collateral ligament tear

Swing for the Fences

Cooper Way has loved baseball since he first picked up a bat at age 6. As a catcher for his high school team, his skills

  • Joanne Heilman and Kay Warren liver transplant

Shared History

Joanne Heilman and Kay Warren, her sister-in-law’s sister, had known each other for decades and, although they were always friendly, they had never been close.

  • Larrie Wanberg Bladder Patient

A Family Affair

Receiving a diagnosis of bladder cancer is not easy at any age, but Larrie Wanberg, PhD, had someone close who had been treated for it

  • before after hector hernandez 77 pound tumor

“Beer Belly” Turns out to Be a Rare Cancer

When Hector Hernandez saw that his weight was creeping up and his stomach was getting bigger, he at first put it down to a slowing

  • people are drinking alcohol at a party but it could lead to liver cancer

Does Alcohol Put Me at Greater Risk for Liver Cancer?

It’s a fact: Drinking too much alcohol can lead to liver cancer. There are more treatment options if you are diagnosed early, so screening is

A Better View

USC Norris surgeon Mike Nguyen is taking a look at the camera involved in robotic surgical procedures to give the team a new perspective.
There’s no

  • keck medicine of usc thoracic team

A Breath of Change

The multidisciplinary lung cancer program at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is helping to transform a once-dire prognosis with attitude and evidence.
Not long ago, lung cancer

  • Bill Brummel - Otolaryngology patient_004

The Keck Effect: More Courage

Bill Brummel underwent a laryngectomy because of the irreversible effects of cancer-combatting radiation, but the experience gave him the courage to see life in a

  • Patricia Gott

The Keck Effect: More Traveling

A trip to Alaska, a Baltic cruise, a cross-country drive — nothing keeps octogenarian Patricia Gott from traveling. Not even melanoma.
At age 82, Patricia Gott