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  • Cold, bronchitis or pneumonia?

What Is the Difference Between a Cold, Bronchitis and Pneumonia?

What is the difference between a cold, bronchitis and pneumonia?
Sniffling. Coughing. Maybe a fever.

Whatever it is, you feel miserable. But is it just a cold

  • father and son are finding unique ways to squeeze fitness into their day by flying a kite out in the field

7 Easy Ways to Squeeze Fitness Into Your Day

You have a job and a household to keep on track. You’re running around everywhere — except to the gym. Here’s how to find time

  • Dr. Hung with black box

‘Black box’ recorder puts surgeons’ robotic surgery skills under the microscope

A new study from Keck Medicine of USC finds that data from a novel recorder can be used to objectively measure surgeons’ proficiency in robotic-assisted

  • woman doesn't use her home skin care routine properly which causes problems

4 Mistakes You’re Probably Making During Your Skin Care Routine

Are you sabotaging your skin without realizing it? Cleanse your routine of these common missteps and get ready to glow.
You may follow all the skin

  • woman with glowing skin among leaves during springtime

How to Care for Your Skin in the Spring

A change in season may call for a change in your skin care routine.
After what seems like forever, spring is finally in the air. Not

  • A woman suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome delicately holds her wrist.

Do I Need Surgery for My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If the pain has become unbearable and no therapeutic or medical treatments have worked, it might be time to consider surgery for your carpal tunnel

  • woman using restroom toilet

Is It Ever Normal to Have Blood in Your Stool?

The cause may not be serious, but you should still get checked out by a doctor.
One of the most concerning symptoms you can experience is

  • Sumeet Bhanvadia

Meet Sumeet K. Bhanvadia, MD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology

Dr. Bhanvadia is a urologist at the USC Institute of Urology who specializes in robotic and open surgeries for kidney, prostate, bladder, testis and penile

  • hands show breaking cigarette to signify quitting smoking

How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

If you have a friend, family member or loved one who smokes, one of the best ways you can help protect their health is by