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The Keck Effect: More Birthdays

93 and Still Going Strong

For most of the 35 years since her retirement as a layout and graphic design artist, Eula-Lee Geisert, 93, has kept

The Keck Effect: More Impact

Microsurgery makes big impact for patients
The grateful mother of one of his young patients recently sent Milan Stevanovic, MD, a photo of her son playing

The Keck Effect: More Miracles

The successful pancreas-kidney transplant that Eidalia Marquez Vazquez had a few years ago at Keck Medicine of USC meant that she no longer needed to

The Keck Effect: More Expertise, Less Worry

Harry worked with our expert eye team to treat her glaucoma — seeking out USC’s top researchers and physicians.

Last spring, Harry Svoboda, 84, of Bakersfield,

The Keck Effect: More Races

Photo: Steve Chaffee (right) with his fiancée, Joan Brennan

Steve Chaffee loves to exercise. A former marathon runner, the Sierra Madre resident modified his routine as

The Keck Effect: More High Fives

For Adrianna Bowman, a vibrant 5-year-old preparing to start kindergarten, what seemed to be a routine health screening turned out to be a potentially life-saving

The Keck Effect: More Community

During the 17 years that Dr. Rex O. Patton served as principal in the LAUSD, he never used a single sick day. Throughout his tenure