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  • A woman with urinary incontinence covers her pelvic region with her hands

What Is a Pelvic Floor Disorder?

It’s a medical condition that millions of American women have but people rarely talk about.
You may not be familiar with its name, what its symptoms

  • pregnant woman wants her baby to grow up healthy but is not sure if they will because she was told she is going to have a high risk pregnancy

I Have a High-Risk Pregnancy — Now What?

Don’t panic: High-risk pregnancy simply means that you or your baby may need extra care during pregnancy and delivery.
There are many common reasons your doctor

  • A pregnant woman stands in a field with her hand on her belly as the sun sets.

Can Your Vitamin D Levels Make Your Baby Obese?

New research sheds light on the effects of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ on unborn babies.
Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women could preprogram babies to grow into

  • woman talks to urologist about pelvic health issues

3 Female Pelvic Issues You Should Discuss With a Urologist

Your recurrent UTIs could be a sign of something more serious. Here are three conditions you should discuss with a urologist.
Ladies, as uncomfortable as talking

  • eating fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent cervical cancer

How to Lower Your Risk for Cervical Cancer

With screening and preventative steps, you can minimize your risk for cervical cancer.
There’s nothing good about a cancer diagnosis. (Understatement of the century.) But one

  • woman with glowing skin among leaves during springtime

How to Care for Your Skin in the Spring

A change in season may call for a change in your skin care routine.
After what seems like forever, spring is finally in the air. Not

  • Woman holding IUD

IUDs May Have a Surprising Benefit: Protection Against Cervical Cancer test

A comprehensive study finds that intrauterine devices may decrease the incidence of cervical cancer by a third.
Considered a safe and highly effective contraception method, intrauterine

New 3-D Ultrasound Trial Seeks Women With Dense Breast Tissue

A new research project at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is actively recruiting women with dense breast tissue to examine the effectiveness of a novel

  • breast cancer awareness

What to Ask Your Doctor When You Have Breast Cancer

Early detection with self exams and regular, high quality mammograms can catch breast cancer when it’s very treatable. Newer technologies, such as 3D mammography (also