Voice and Speech

  • man has tonsil stones that are causing bad breath a sore throat and ear pain

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Learn what you can do about that build-up of bacteria in your tonsils.
Think of your tonsils as glandular traps. These traps guard the inside of

  • woman feels like she is losing her voice so she needs water

How to Prevent Losing Your Voice

Your voice is how you express yourself — but while its importance is undeniable, you may not be aware of how to properly care for

  • A woman with thyroid issues holds her neck.

Identifying Your Thyroid Issue May Be Harder Than You Think

There are a surprising number of thyroid disease symptoms that can sneak up on you — here’s what to look for.
The thyroid gland in your

  • woman with strep throat symptoms such as fever, red and swollen tonsils, white patches or red dots in the throat, trouble swallowing, nausea and vomiting

Can You Prevent Strep Throat?

Winter is coming — and so is the painful infection known as strep throat. Here’s what you can do about it.
Strep throat is not like

  • rest a hoarse voice, drink plenty of liquids and don't whisper

Voice Hoarse? Follow These Tips From an Otolaryngologist

Here are the best ways to get your voice back to normal once it goes hoarse.
Losing your voice is always an inconvenience, but especially so

  • A USC Thornton School of Music student gets a vocal health screening

Protecting Singers’ Most Precious Instrument

Picture a pair of tiny violin bows, each no longer than a thumbnail clipping, lodged horizontally in your windpipe.
Halfway between the chin and collarbone, they

Should You See a Voice Specialist?

A scratchy voice or tickling sensation in your throat could signal a more serious problem. Learn how a voice specialist can help.
Do you find yourself

How Air Pollution Is Making Our Kids Overweight and Sick

There are many ways air pollution can impact our well being, but recent studies show a direct connection between poor air quality and asthma and

  • woman has sore throat which could be a sign of something serious such as strep throat or GERD

Is My Sore Throat a Sign of Something Serious?

A sore throat is right up there with a stuffy or runny nose on the list of common symptoms. But common doesn’t equal harmless. Read