Patients with early kidney cancer see significant benefits with robotic partial nephrectomy

For patients with early kidney cancer, removing part of the kidney instead of the whole kidney is often a preferred treatment because the procedure can effectively remove tumors while preserving kidney function. But when it comes to the best surgical... Read More Now »
  • young man has abdominal pain from male UTI

Can Men Get UTIs?

Urinary tract infections are more common in women, but bladder infections also affect men.
Urinary tract infections (UTIs), also called bladder infections, occur when fungi, viruses

  • woman talks to urologist about pelvic health issues

3 Female Pelvic Issues You Should Discuss With a Urologist

Your recurrent UTIs could be a sign of something more serious. Here are three conditions you should discuss with a urologist.
Ladies, as uncomfortable as talking

  • A laptop displays an image of the urinary system while a man holds his side as he speaks to a urologist in a clinical exam room.

6 Signs That You Should See a Urologist

A urologist can help with bladder issues and pelvic pain in men and women, as well as sexual dysfunction and infertility in men. But how

  • couple in bed unhappy due to erectile dysfunction

Why He Might Be Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing with ED can be tough on a relationship, but it often has medical causes that can be treated.
If your partner has difficulty having or

  • Jeffrey Loh-Doyle

Meet Jeffrey Loh-Doyle, Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology

Dr. Loh-Doyle is a urologist who specializes in male sexual dysfunction, trauma and reconstructive surgery.
Here’s what you won’t find on his resume:
The Lakers were in

  • African American man sees doctor for prostate exam due to higher incidence of prostate cancer

Don’t Be Afraid of the Prostate Exam

If you’re a man over the age of 50 and haven’t had a prostate exam, you should talk to your doctor about scheduling an appointment.

  • woman rushes to public restroom because of frequent urination from overactive bladder, UTI or pregnancy

Am I Peeing Too Much?

How often is too often to urinate? The answer depends on the circumstances.
Some days you might get up from your desk to pee once or

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How to Support a Family Member Going Through Cancer

Battling a deadly disease can take a toll on family members. Learn how you can support loved ones in this time of turmoil.
Dealing with cancer