• Janet Sikiyan

The Keck Effect: More Kings Games

Multiple surgeries to stabilize Janet Sikiyan’s spine have alleviated her pain and increased her ability to get around.
Janet Sikiyan, a local Porter Ranch resident and

  • Woman sitting on bed is experiencing pain in her back which seems to be connected to a spine related issue

What to Do If You Throw Out Your Back

Back pain is the second most common reason patients visit a doctor. Find out if you need to make an appointment.
You’ve hurt your back and

  • Karen Sartoris spine patient

Back to Life

At the USC Spine Center, minimally invasive spine surgery enables patients to return to their lives more quickly.
Karen Sartoris believes in keeping her muscles moving,

  • woman is cracking her knuckles then plans to do her neck and back but is not sure if it is good for her or not

Is Cracking Your Neck, Back or Knuckles Good for You?

While it’s probably not going to lead to harm, cracking your knuckles doesn’t necessarily have any benefits either.
We all know a knuckle cracker. If you’re

  • woman wakes up in bed with lower back pain

3 Tips for Sleeping Better With Lower Back Pain

Sleep should be a period of rest and rejuvenation. But for the 31 million Americans suffering from lower back pain, this is often far from

  • santa has back pain from lifting too many presents during the holidays

5 Activities That Can Cause Back Pain During the Holidays

If you have a chronic back pain, it’s imperative that you avoid or modify these activities for a pain-free holiday season.
O Come, All Ye Painful?

  • woman suffering from headaches may have meningioma

Having Headaches for No Reason? Get Checked for Meningioma

Meningioma symptoms develop slowly but account for one-third of all brain tumors.
Slow-growing tumors called meningioma can be hard to detect because of their subtlety. They

  • Woman suffers from back pain due to slipped or herniated disc

What Is a Slipped Disc?

Though it sounds like it results in a painful backache, some people can have a slipped disc without even knowing it. Read on to learn

  • female runner has back pain due to spine injury

Myth or Fact: The Spine Is Easily Injured

Designed to bend and twist with every movement, it’s easy to take the spine for granted.
The spine is, literally, the backbone of your body. Besides