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The Connection Between Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is more than just an annoying habit that inconveniences sleeping partners. It can also be the sign of something worse. Here are some important

Can Snoring Lead to More Serious Problems?

Snoring can leave you with a dry mouth or sore throat — not to mention a cranky sleep partner. But is it a signal of

8 Lifestyle Changes to Help With Chronic Pain

Try these lifestyle changes to help you reduce and manage chronic pain.
Chronic pain can stem from multiple health issues – car accidents, sports injuries or

How to Make the Most of Your Sleep App

Sleep apps are supposed to help us understand more about our sleep habits and our body’s rest patterns. But what is the best way to

Position Yourself for Sound Sleep With Back Pain

Whether you have back, neck, or pregnancy pain, your sleep posture makes a big difference in how you feel each morning.
Good posture is a key

Sleep Well With Back or Neck Pain

Why quality rest is essential to a healthy back and neck
Anyone who’s had back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any other chronic spine condition

How to Get Better Sleep with Spinal Inflammatory Arthritis

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Are Your Back Pain Medications Ruining Your Sleep?

Can you relieve your spine pain and get a good night’s rest? Sure, but some drugs might get in the way.
Prescription medications are among the

Chronic Back and Neck Pain’s Close Connection to Insomnia

People with chronic back and neck pain are no strangers to sleep disorders
If you have chronic back or neck pain and struggle with sleep, you