Pain and Complications

  • man is actively trying to avoid kissing the woman because he heard that she has mono and he is scared to get it too

6 Mono-Myths

Infectious mononucleosis (commonly called mono) affects about 1 out of every 2,000 people every year. But for a disease that common, misinformation abounds. Read on

  • Woman sitting on bed is experiencing pain in her back which seems to be connected to a spine related issue

What to Do If You Throw Out Your Back

Back pain is the second most common reason patients visit a doctor. Find out if you need to make an appointment.
You’ve hurt your back and

  • group of people who have chronic pain are practicing tai chi at the park

6 Low-Impact Exercises You Can Do if You Have Chronic Pain

It’s tempting to stay on the couch if you’re in pain. But getting moving could help ease your symptoms.
If you suffer from chronic pain, whether

  • woman is holding her stomach in immense pain because she is experiencing the pain of having gallstones

Worried About Gallstones? Find Out Who is At Risk and the Signs and Symptoms

Do you have severe abdominal pain? You could have gallstones. Learn more about the signs and symptoms.
Tucked beneath your liver, the gallbladder is a seemingly

  • basketball injuries have led to many careers ending due to injuries in the knee, foot, back, ankle and leg

The Top 5 Basketball Injuries That Ended These Players’ Careers

Even if you’re not a pro baller, take precautions to avoid damage while on the court.
You might not think of basketball as a dangerous game,

  • man has tonsil stones that are causing bad breath a sore throat and ear pain

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Learn what you can do about that build-up of bacteria in your tonsils.
Think of your tonsils as glandular traps. These traps guard the inside of

  • this woman is tired all the time and coffee does not help because she is experiencing another concern

Tired All the Time? This Could Be Why

If you can’t seem to shake the sluggishness, you may have one of these medical conditions.
In our busy modern world, a common complaint doctors hear

  • woman on scale is asking for help because she has encountered health problems that could have been prevented like obesity hemorrhoids cancer and gerd

5 Common Health Problems You Can Prevent

Take control of your health with these tips on preventing common injuries and conditions.
Many diseases strike without warning. Their causes could lie in your family

  • there are pros and cons to taking antibiotics but what are they

The Pros and Cons of Antibiotics

When it comes to antibiotics, can too much of a good thing be harmful?
Antibiotics are powerful drugs that help our bodies ward off diseases caused