• Keck Medicine of USC physicians Yuri Genyk, MD, Rick Selby, MD, and Jeffrey Kahn, MD

Solving the Puzzle of Liver Cancer

Conditions can make the diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer complex, but USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is leading the way.
Each year, about 21,000 men

  • patient in CT scanner at Keck Medicine of USC

The Body in 3D

3D imaging technology has revolutionized medicine, arming doctors with more information to diagnose and treat patients.
The advancements in imaging technology are staggering. Doctors today have

  • keck medicine physicians use the da vinci surgical system to perform robotic surgery

The Future Is Now: Advances in Technology Are Driving Medical Breakthroughs

Medical technology advancements result in better diagnosis and patient care — often, saving lives.
Technology is changing all areas of medicine, including personal data collection, imaging,

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What’s The Difference Between A CT Scan and An MRI?

CT scans and MRI scans scan similar areas of the body to diagnose injuries and internal pain, but the technology is different. Learn the advantages