• otologist is looking into the ear of a woman and discovering that she has a vestibular schwannoma which is also known as an acoustic neuroma and affects her hearing and balance

What is a Vestibular Schwannoma?

A vestibular schwannoma, also known as an acoustic neuroma, is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor. It is the second most common tumor inside the head, roughly one

  • happy group at festival are enjoying their time while using ear plugs to protect their hearing

4 Tips for Protecting Your Hearing During Concerts

You can’t get your hearing back — so it’s worth protecting. Read on for a few tips to take with you to that next music

  • man sneezing because he has seasonal and dust allergies affecting his ears nose and throat

Do Allergies or Dust Increase Your Risk of Ear, Nose and Throat Problems?

Besides being an annoyance, untreated seasonal allergies can increase your risk of other problems.
If you’ve ever suffered from seasonal allergies, you might already know the

  • man uses q-tips which may cause permanent ear damage

Can Q-Tips Cause Permanent Ear Damage?

Whenever your ears feel stuffed or clogged, it feels like second nature to reach for a cotton swab.
Like an errant hangnail or a song that’s

  • woman has ear ache from ear infection

How to Prevent Ear Infections When It’s Cold

It’s not just kids who get ear infections — adults can have them, too. Here’s how to reduce your risk.
If you feel pain or fullness

What Do You Do When Your Spouse Has Trouble Hearing You?

“Tuning out” is a frustrating habit that long-time couples develop over time. But what if your “selective hearing” actually signals a serious health condition?
Are you

  • female construction worker facing noise pollution should get hearing checked to avoid hearing loss

Should You Get Your Hearing Checked?

It’s common to go to the dentist or eye doctor at least once a year, but when was the last time you had your hearing

The Keck Effect: More Life Empathy and Joy

When Dawn Fishback was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1990, she never realized it would lead her to finding her life’s work.
When Dawn was

  • Girl needs to hold her hand up to her ear because she is losing her hearing due to an acoustic neuroma

What Are The Symptoms Of Acoustic Neuroma?

Hearing loss can be a part of aging, but sometimes, it could be due to a more serious issue like an acoustic neuroma.
To learn more,