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  • woman doesn't use her home skin care routine properly which causes problems

4 Mistakes You’re Probably Making During Your Skin Care Routine

Are you sabotaging your skin without realizing it? Cleanse your routine of these common missteps and get ready to glow.
You may follow all the skin

  • woman with glowing skin among leaves during springtime

How to Care for Your Skin in the Spring

A change in season may call for a change in your skin care routine.
After what seems like forever, spring is finally in the air. Not

  • woman in bikini at beach applies sunblock to avoid harmful sun exposure, UV rays, skin cancer

How to Protect Yourself From the Sun and Skin Cancer

Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays to reduce your risk of skin cancer.
Summer’s here and it’s finally time to soak up some rays.

  • woman is shocked to find out that even though she is at home watching tv that she needs to wear sunscreen too

Myth or Fact: You Don’t Need Sunscreen If You Are Indoors All Day

So you’re sitting at home and enjoying a Netflix binge with no intention to go outside. Do you still need to wear sunscreen?
You may think

  • beautiful middle aged woman applies face lotion with SPF to ward off effects of aging on the skin

The Only 6-Step Anti-Aging Plan You Need

Healthy, glowing skin is possible, no matter what your age. Read on to find out how to improve the condition of your skin and turn

What Is Carcinoma?

Carcinoma is a cancer that begins in the tissue that lines your internal organs.
Carcinoma is the most common form of cancer.

Most people have heard the

  • woman in tanning bed, the dangers of tanning and UV rays which can cause skin cancer and melanoma

Can Tanning Beds Give You Tumors?

That golden summer glow might seem attractive, but is it really worth increasing your risk for melanoma, the deadliest of all skin cancers?
The research is

  • Woman looks at moles on her back worried about melanoma skin cancer

I Have a New Mole. Now What?

If you suddenly sprout a new mole, is it cause for concern? Read on to find out.
Nearly every person has a least one, and if

  • beautiful woman's rash checked by dermatologist for sign of something serious

Is Your Skin Rash a Sign of Something More Serious?

Do you have a rash? Know the difference between common conditions and when it could signal a more serious health concern.
Rashes are caused by exposure