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Big Game Day Healthy Food Swaps

Our team provides ways to lighten your menu this Sunday.

  • DASH diet foods like broccoli, cauliflower, grapes, blueberries and almonds are displayed in heart-shaped dishes

This Science-Backed Diet Could Help Overhaul Your Health

What the DASH diet lacks in social media buzz, it more than makes up for with a research-based eating plan.
Sure, everyone at your exercise class

  • Cooked salmon steak is served with peppercorns and herbs on a rustic blue table

Are You Eating Too Much Fish?

You know that fish is good for you, but you’ve also seen news stories about mercury poisoning concerns. Here are guidelines to follow.
Fish does a

  • avocado egg and green onion can constitute as a good whole30 diet

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Whole30 but Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

You may have heard your coworker raving about it or seen your Facebook friends swap recipes. It seems like everyone is talking about Whole30 these

  • tomatoes, grapefruit, avocados, celery, chocolate, nuts, blueberries, oranges, pomegranites are some functional foods

What Are Functional Foods?

Currently there is a lot of buzz about functional foods, but what exactly are functional foods?
According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is

  • sugary juices and shakes

The Type of Sugar You Eat May Trigger Fullness — or Cravings for More Food

Sugar gets a lot of bad press, and for good reason. Too much of it increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

  • woman and glasses and bearded man take pictures of their food

What’s The Best Diet Plan? We Compare 4 Popular Trends

Thinking of trying that trendy diet your friends raved about on Instagram? Before you’re ready to declare the latest celebrity fad the best diet plan,

  • couple drinks red wine together on the couch while watching TV because they believe it fights against cancer

Can a Daily Glass of Wine Help Prevent Cancer?

Red wine has some health benefits, but is beating the deadly disease one of them?
Alcohol has been used for thousands of years to ward off

  • woman can not stop binge eating and has to eat everything around even this tasty looking piece of cake with a cherry on top

5 Very Real Dangers of Binge Eating

Occasionally overeating will leave you with a bellyache. But if you do it regularly, you risk more serious consequences.
Who doesn’t overeat from time to time?