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  • woman drinking a cup of coffee wondering if she will experience irregular heart rhythms due to caffeine

Can Caffeine Cause Irregular Heart Rhythms?

New research challenges age-old assumptions about caffeine.
If you’re a coffee drinker, you may be concerned about how your daily cup (or two) of joe is

  • family eating heart healthy meal full of vegetables

4 Types of Heart Disease — and How to Help Prevent Them

How much do you know about heart disease?

As the heart is one of the body’s most essential organs, it is important to understand how to

  • woman can not stop binge eating and has to eat everything around even this tasty looking piece of cake with a cherry on top

5 Very Real Dangers of Binge Eating

Occasionally overeating will leave you with a bellyache. But if you do it on the reg, you risk more serious consequences.
Who doesn’t overeat from time

  • she almost failed at her new years resolution but found a second wind and was able to achieve victory

You Can Do It! Strategies for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays are barely over, and here you are thinking about letting that resolution sli-i-i-i-i-de. Don’t give up hope. Here’s some advice to keep you

  • man with chest pain visits cardiologist

Should You See a Cardiologist?

You’ve experienced chest pains, but how can you tell if your condition is serious enough to visit a doctor? These questions will help you determine

  • Winter travel tips

How to prepare for travel to cold climates

With the winter season comes increased travel, especially as people travel to spend holidays with family and friends. Winter is also peak cold and flu

  • father and son are finding unique ways to squeeze fitness into their day by flying a kite out in the field

7 Easy Ways to Squeeze Fitness Into Your Day

You have a job and a household to keep on track. You’re running around everywhere — except to the gym. Here’s how to find time

  • woman using restroom toilet

Is It Ever Normal to Have Blood in Your Stool?

The cause may not be serious, but you should still get checked out by a doctor.
One of the most concerning symptoms you can experience is

  • middle aged man stretches and stays active to keep joints healthy

How to Maintain Joint Health and Prevent Arthritis

Keeping your joints healthy and strong can help you stay active.
As you age, the cartilage around your joints can wear or break down. This can