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Is It Ever Normal to Have Blood in Your Stool?

The cause may not be serious, but you should still get checked out by a doctor.
One of the most concerning symptoms you can experience is

  • two girls are planning to get on to the plane but are worried about potentially getting blood clots and other issues

6 Tips for Healthy Air Travel

Stay healthy at 35,000 feet with these healthy airplane travel tips.
Cramped airplane rides are no fun – and they aren’t very healthy, either. These tips

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Am I Going to the Bathroom Too Often?

Frequent bowel movements may concern you, but there isn’t a “normal” rate when it comes to how often you go.
Here’s an awkward but important question

  • woman holds bowl of oatmeal with fiber

Does Eating More Fiber Help Prevent Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer impacts tens of thousands of Americans each year, but the right diet could lower your risk of being affected.
In the past few years,

Are Your Loved Ones Due for a Prostate Screening?

No one wants to think about their friends or family members battling prostate cancer, but being prepared is the best way to protect their health.

  • Woman holding IUD

IUDs May Have a Surprising Benefit: Protection Against Cervical Cancer test

A comprehensive study finds that intrauterine devices may decrease the incidence of cervical cancer by a third.
Considered a safe and highly effective contraception method, intrauterine

  • woman makes salad with cancer-fighting foods such as carrots, strawberries and spinach

What to Eat After You’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you need to develop a practical plan to live and fight the disease. Paying close attention to what you

  • woman suffering from headaches may have meningioma

Having Headaches for No Reason? Get Checked for Meningioma

Meningioma symptoms develop slowly but account for one-third of all brain tumors.
Slow-growing tumors called meningioma can be hard to detect because of their subtlety. They

  • women worried about side effects of Plan B should know it has not been shown to increase the risk of cervical or ovarian cancer

Fact or Fiction: Plan B Increases Cancer Risk in Women?

Plan B emergency contraception is available over-the-counter and used by thousands of women a year. But does taking it increase a woman’s risk of cancer?