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  • mark foist skin cancer

About Face

For some people, outdoor activities like swimming and cycling are a fun occasional pastime. But there are also people like Mark Foist, for whom spending

  • people are drinking alcohol at a party but it could lead to liver cancer

Does Alcohol Put Me at Greater Risk for Liver Cancer?

It’s a fact: Drinking too much alcohol can lead to liver cancer. There are more treatment options if you are diagnosed early, so screening is

  • this is where the liver is in the body and it is very important to get screenings for liver cancer because early detection is what increases lifespans

Liver Cancer: Should You Get Screened?

The early signs of liver cancer can be subtle, and some patients may not show any symptoms at all. Find out if you should get

  • couple is moving from asia to the united states but they may be carrying hepatitis with them so they need to go get screened

Family or Friends Moving From Asia? You Might Want to Make Sure They Are Screened for This

The same tests and vaccinations do not occur from country to country.
According to a study of 1,246 participants where 81.4 percent were Asian, 2.9 percent

  • Amy Lee PhD in Lab

Finding a New Target

Amy Lee, PhD, has made it her mission to uncover new ways to block the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.
With a five-year survival rate of

A Better View

USC Norris surgeon Mike Nguyen is taking a look at the camera involved in robotic surgical procedures to give the team a new perspective.
There’s no

Fighting For Her Health

When a serial entrepreneur faced a harrowing diagnosis, she turned around and with the help of her physicians at USC Norris, created opportunities to support

  • keck medicine of usc thoracic team

A Breath of Change

The multidisciplinary lung cancer program at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is helping to transform a once-dire prognosis with attitude and evidence.
Not long ago, lung cancer

  • exercise could be key to continued health for breast cancer survivors

Exercise Could Be Key to Continued Health For Breast Cancer Survivors

When Carla Sanchez started working out as part of a study on exercise’s impact on women who survived breast cancer, she was surprised at how vigorous it