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  • Setiawan Pancreatic Cancer Study

A Diabetes Diagnosis Later in Life May Signal Early Pancreatic Cancer in African Americans and Latinos

A Keck School of Medicine study suggests a link between late-onset diabetes and pancreatic cancer.
Each year, more than one million Americans are diagnosed with adult-onset

  • Four friends toast before consuming alcoholic drinks.

What Happens to Your Body When You Have More Than Two Alcoholic Drinks a Day?

You may have heard alcohol has some health benefits, but you should read this before you pick up your next drink.
Alcohol is a double-edged sword

  • M. Victoria Marx, MD

M. Victoria Marx Appointed President of the Society of Interventional Radiology

Victoria Marx, MD, an interventional radiologist at Keck Medicine of USC, has been appointed president of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) for 2018–2019.

  • A woman reaches over her shoulder to the moles on her back.

What Should You Do When You Find a New Mole?

Keeping track of your newfound mole should be a priority.
Moles are totally normal. Most adults have at least a few, and the lighter your skin

  • couple drinks red wine together on the couch while watching TV because they believe it fights against cancer

Can a Daily Glass of Wine Help Prevent Cancer?

Red wine has some health benefits, but is beating the deadly disease one of them?
Alcohol has been used for thousands of years to ward off

  • eating fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent cervical cancer

How to Lower Your Risk for Cervical Cancer

With screening and preventative steps, you can minimize your risk for cervical cancer.
There’s nothing good about a cancer diagnosis. (Understatement of the century.) But one

  • a bioluminescent deep sea creature

How Bioluminescent Deep Sea Creatures Are Helping Us in the Fight Against Cancer

A new tool in the fight against cancer comes from the bottom of the ocean.
A team of scientists at the Keck School of Medicine of

  • woman using restroom toilet

Is It Ever Normal to Have Blood in Your Stool?

The cause may not be serious, but you should still get checked out by a doctor.
One of the most concerning symptoms you can experience is

  • two girls are planning to get on to the plane but are worried about potentially getting blood clots and other issues

6 Tips for Healthy Air Travel

Stay healthy at 35,000 feet with these healthy airplane travel tips.
Cramped airplane rides are no fun – and they aren’t very healthy, either. These tips