Date: Monday, December 16

100% of the proceeds of this auction go directly to fund cancer research at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

DreamWorks Animation artists are donating original works for auction once a month beginning November 2013 in support of Call to Cure, an organization supporting colorectal cancer research at USC.

Call for an Appointment
(800) USC-CARE (800-872-2273)

Call to Cure founder Nancy Bernstein, tapped Production Designer Christophe Lautrette, to invite artists to create original works around the theme “What Makes You Happy?”  These renowned artists including Arthur Fong, Nate Wragg, Nico Marlet, Mike Hernandez, Ron Kurniawan, Tang Heng, Bill Silvers and Devin Crane are some of the most talented artists working in the animation industry today.  Their generosity adds a new dimension to the Call to Cure mission.  The organizers hope this effort will reach beyond our current supporters to animation and art fans all over the world.

Once a month the contributing artist and their work will be previewed after which the eBay auction will be launched.  This auction will be promoted through the Call to Cure website and social media.  The proceeds of the auction will be given directly to the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Institute.

Visit the auction page.

Artist – NATE WRAGG, Visual Development Artist at DreamWorks Animation

Art to Cure artwork by Nate Wragg

Original painting by Nate Wragg
Mixed Media
Signed by the artist
13.5″ x 18.5″

Description – Invited to create an original piece for Call to Cure based on the theme “What Makes You Happy” Nate Wragg gathered his inspiration from a child’s imagination.  “A child’s imagination is something that has always inspired me, and so that’s where I chose to pull for creative inspiration.  I love the way a child’s imagination can take any situation, any place and transform it into an amazing experience.”  So here we have a little girl and her dog riding a Rainbow Monster over a city skyline. This one-of-a-kind painting has a whimsical tree of knowledge with an adorable little character reading a book.  Professionally framed in a ready-to-hang frame, this painting’s charm will match nearly any location.

About the Artist – Nate Wragg has worked as a visual development artist in Feature Animation on various projects such as Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, Puss & Boots, Kung Fu Panda Secrets of the Masters, & Rise of the Guardians to name a few. He’s also designed for several Animated Title Sequences including the animated sequence at the end of Ratatouille. Nate has spent time illustrating a few children’s books as well, most notably “Too Many Cooks” for Disney Publishing. He is currently working at Dreamworks Animation as an Art Director and lives in Southern California with his wife Crystal and their Daughter Willow.  For more information, visit Nate Wragg’s blog.

Call to Cure Mission Statement – Call to Cure is a call to action.  The mission is to raise money and awareness for Colon and Colorectal Cancer Research under the direction of Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Institute.  We plan to continue to create on going fund raising efforts that cost  little to no money to execute, therefore enabling all monies donated/raised to go directly to fund research and ultimately impacting patients with Colon and Colorectal Cancer everywhere . We intend to provide a level of transparency into the results of the funding rarely seen in fundraising today.  We want to make every donated dollar count toward cutting edge treatment and ultimately a cure. Call to Cure website.