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Meet Sumeet K. Bhanvadia, MD

Originally published December 4, 2017

Last reviewed December 31, 2021

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Dr. Bhanvadia is a urologist at Keck Medicine of USC, who specializes in robotic and open surgeries for kidney, prostate, bladder, testis and penile cancer, as well as certain types of sarcoma.

Here’s what you won’t find on her resume.

Scotland was once her home.

“Most people would be surprised to learn that, before finding my way to Los Angeles, I lived in Scotland and England. I also spent the bulk of my childhood in a small city in Canada.”

Her children taught her the art of empathy.

“When I’m not working, I’m usually with my two children. In addition to keeping me on my toes, being a mother has taught me so much about empathy, the importance of staying healthy for the long run and keeping life in balance.”

She has her dream job.

“Even as a kid, I knew I wanted to be a physician. I place a high value on family, health and community and connect it with my love for science and technology.”

Her work is complex, but her motto is simple.

“‘Do the right thing.’ Simple, yet I believe that making this your guiding principle, as a physician and surgeon, is the best thing you can do for your patients and their families.”

She believes in building connections.

“I would describe my bedside manner as warm, honest and engaged. I believe that nothing happens unless the patient and physician feel in sync, and I take the time to develop that relationship.”

She is all about collaboration.

“The most rewarding part of my job is coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan that not only is, in my opinion, good for the patient, but one that comes after discussion and understanding of that particular person, their concerns and views, and, thus, one that they also feel good about.”

Keck Medicine of USC is her home.

“The reason I chose to practice at an academic medical center is because I love to teach. I’m committed to my research that focuses on understanding and optimizing the way we deliver cancer care in a real-world setting. USC Urology has been a leader and innovator in urology, and especially urologic cancer care, for more than 30 years. I believe my role here is to care for patients with even the most complex of urologic diseases.”

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